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Attention VIP Club Facebook Fan

Prove Me Wrong

What do you think about this idea? You like FUN surprises – I like making you happy with FUN surprises. Good deal? (Sounds a little one sided to me) but I’ll play along.

My son Ian, Teresa, and everyone else here have joined forces against me. AGAIN. They believe that you need to get more for participating on this page. I agree to that but so far but I’ve been balking a little because I definitely don’t want to turn this page into sales page. So we came to a compromise.

Here’s the Deal:
I agreed to run a test on a project called “Facebook Surprise Days”- I must warn you that Ian and Teresa are basically going to hold a gun to my head and make sure I deliver. Plus I’m not entirely sure that there will be enough participation to make this a continual thing.

So Prove Me Wrong

Here’s how it works for you:
1.    Over the next few weeks a random post will be made to announce a (One Day Only Surprise Day)! It’s very important that you keep checking this Facebook page because we will be holding more periodic surprise days for viewers only. I need feedback good and bad. Please or we scrap the idea. Okay?
2.    If you check the Facebook page and see one simply click to the blog post and see what you have won!
3.    Surprise can only be redeemed once and it must be redeemed on the day of the surprise

Most of all–Have Fun!

PS. Ian, Teresa honestly believe this “Facebook Surprise Day” thing will work – I’m still not convinced. So a little side bet is going on (that I can’t let you in on until later). You’ll like it if Teresa and Ian are right. If you and our other fans don’t play along I win the “Facebook Surprise Day” wager. Plus bragging rights .

I welcome your feedback – would you like to see more “Facebook Surprise Days” like the one outlined above or not?


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