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Here’s this weeks VIP Smart Shopper Clubs Exclusive Opportunity

Have You Ever Been So Deep

That You Where Afraid To Tell Your Significant Other?
…PLEASE HELP Save My Marriage

How My Mistake Might Just Be The BIGGEST BREAK You Have EVER EXPERIENCED To Get Merchandise WELL BELOW Wholesale Prices

Read Immediately, Be fore I Regain My Sanity

Now… Here’s my goof-up!

  • I’ve made some very bad choices in buying too much
  • Purchasing things that aren’t as popular as I thought
  • Paid more than we should have and hence have to retail at the wrong price
  • Plus other mistakes I can’t share

It’s inevitable over time we end up with more stock than we can possibly display. Well, I have to confess this is the worst over stocks we have ever witnessed in the 27 years that I’ve been here. I feel very guilty as Lorraine has made it clear to me, she’s had enough of the mess in our stock rooms and out front.

It’s Time To Take FAST Drastic Measures

Here it is; The Most Popular Sales Event we have ever run, the last time was years ago and people loved it. So here we go again – You get first access to The Private Backroom Savings Bazaar.

Because you are a VIP Smart Shopper Club Member, you will get the following exclusive benefits:

  1. First choice of display products before the rest of the public. Look for the Backroom Display in-store.
  2. Big Bonus, you immediately save a minimum savings of 65% on all selected Backroom merchandise. Plus, you also get an additional fast start cash savings certificate for $5.00… A Shameless Bribe–see below to gain access to this Time Sensitive VIP Smart Shopper Club Bonus.

Thanks for being a great client and helping me through this tough time… with your help I’m fairly certain I can still save my marriage.

As always, VIP Smart Shopper Club members have more fun,


P.S. My Better Judgment says that I shouldn’t carry this guilt too long, so we will only honor this Shameless Bribe till April 30, 2017.

Get Access To Your VIP Fast Cash $5.00 Shameless Bribe Here:

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