Fyfe’s Story

Where Success Is Still Measured…

“One Personal Relationship At A Time”


1948 from modest beginnings… 68 Years Young
With only an idea, tremendous determination and unwavering business ideas… Charlie Fyfe began the tradition of Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy. After the war Charlie fought to realize his dream of owning and operating an independent pharmacy and what it can do for a community.

… A Barrhead tradition begins. Charlie Fyfe discovered a formula to balance serving customers while handling the professional side of pharmacy. Settling on what has become a Barrhead household name, “Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy”. Charlie’s dream grew rapidly, becoming the retail pharmacy of choice for the majority of Barrhead residents. His approach to business was as innovative as his high standards of service values.

Developing relationships…“A lot has changed over the last 65 years. The face of retail is nearly unrecognizable. One thing has and never will change at Fyfe’s – our dedication to our clients.”- Collin Grant, previous owner

Building a Family…Employees are the single most important ingredient in the success of a service business. Without good people, you can’t expect to stay in business. That’s why we are like family and family comes first.” – Collin Grant, previous owner

Giving back to the community… “Our thinking is that we own a great little Pharmacy, a family enrichment centre, just down the road from where you live. In fact, many people tell us that our kind of store is an endangered species, soon to be driven out by the big chain stores. I don’t believe it. I think there’s still a place for a store that is focused on inspiring the families of our community. A business that knows you by name, treats you like family, makes you feel better about yourself and shares with you special opportunities that will save you both money and time.” – Collin Grant, previous owner

Charting the future…Being second generation, of previous owner Luke Grant, has the challenge of maintaining tradition while keeping pace with progress. Lorraine (Collin’s wife, pharmacist, business partner & mom) and I hope to keep moving forward by grabbing hold of opportunities which will rally round achieving family enrichment for each of our many clients. Unlike big pharmacy chains or large grocery stores who take their profits out of town, make their business decisions from far away or try to induce you into thinking they care with their fancy advertising campaigns, bribes & cold stores. We have stayed the course by taking care of a client one relationship at a time.” – Collin Grant, previous owner

“Hopefully, when the time comes for you to think about receiving help with your health & beauty care needs, prescriptions, greeting cards, giftware, recently expanded family book nook, Distribution for Monashee Spring Water, Hot Tub Supplies or did I mention that we are also a Full Canada Post service provider… you’ll remember us and give us the opportunity to be of service.” – Collin Grant, previous owner

Fyfe’s Family of Employees Would Love To Make Life Easier for You… Business hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-Fri & 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sat. Stop by on the corner of 51 Ave. and 50 St. or phone 780-674-2206

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