Pharmacist Career

Rare Opportunity For The Right Pharmacist

“Unsure of Where You Would Like To Advance Your Pharmacy Career, Where To Raise Your Family and Be Self-Fulfilled By Being Paid What You’re Worth?”

Please read on… I am about to share with you a story of a young couple who had that special drive to make a difference everyday, grow within the pharmacist profession, and use their individuality to gain the respect deserved. I hope this message inspires you to make it your turn to do the same.

Only once in a blue moon does an opportunity like this ever present itself. I’ve been in the pharmacy retail business for over 29 years and I have only had this happen to me once in all those years. I was all over it at the time and have never looked back.

“Leading Into The Future”

Like it or not, you are now in control of your own future. That responsibility has never been greater than it is today if you plan to make your world a better place for your family, your career and the future of pharmacy.

You do have a bright future – the world we live in may not seem to be that way – it is more complex, unpredictable, and interconnected than ever before. Just look at you, you are better educated than me when I was your age, you’re more traveled, and far more plugged in to global information networks. Yet you only hear the doom and gloom of the profession, business and how governments are in trouble.

The profession of pharmacy is meaningful work, has interesting challenges, and can offer you a balanced life with an appreciation that only a satisfied patient can give you. Yet, the old outdated model of pharmacy isn’t allowing you to take control of your own future. This is exactly how it was 29 years ago.

“R.I.P. Pharmacy”

In 1988 the word was that independent pharmacy was going to be wiped out by the giants, the Wal-Mart’s, big box stores, and grocery stores of the world were now opening pharmacies in droves and the poor little independent was soon to be extinct. Except for a few stubborn owners that hung in there and went up against the giants.

Most of these small business owners went on to carve a nice little living for themselves, a meaningful life, and a true sense of pride about the profession, beyond what a pharmacist who solely worked for wages can do.

Today, history is repeating itself. Governments who hold the purse strings want more control and don’t place much value on what a pharmacist delivers to patients. Can you blame them? Pharmacists have allowed big business to discount pharmacist services with fancy air miles programs and various discounting shenanigans as if you’re worth is like a tube of toothpaste.

Where’s The Future?

Today is just like it was in the early nineties. Only this time the pharmacists themselves will either be punished with lower wages and worth or they can start their own revolt by taking more control of their future by teaming up with small independent store owners who are working for a better professional pharmacy. Conduct a business with patient needs at the forefront… adding unsurpassed value to the end user.

As history repeats itself, it will again be the little innovators; the small town stores along with the right professional candidates who want to make a difference.

This is our story, 29 years ago. My wife and I took over a business when the sky was falling. Over these years our little business has been more than good to us, our supporting cast of employees, our wonderful family of customers, and my immediate family. We didn’t know how our story was going to end. We still don’t. What we do know is that Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy team is now in a position to help some aspiring, enthusiastic, pharmacist who is willing to grow, learn and take on responsibility.

“Today Is About Your Story”

If you are at all inclined to:

  • Feel you want to get the most from being a pharmacist by gaining from this unique experience
  • Make a difference to you and your loved one’s
  • Willing to grow, learn and take on more responsibility
  • Have a family life outside of work and still build towards an unlimited future without the risk of losing your life savings

Then this might be right for you.

Introducing A New Good Paying Program For A Pharmacist Who Wishes To Experience A Professional Partnership Without Financial Risk

“I hope our story will inspire you to do the right thing. Regardless what you choose I welcome you to check us out further and how we might be able to help you. After 29 years of being in this business, I’m convinced that you’ll never get another chance like this again.”

If you would like some complimentary, no obligation information about challenging yourself within the profession of pharmacy or want to talk more about this life changing opportunity then please proceed to get in contact with us. What have you got to lose?




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