Advice for Youth With Doug Horner PC of Alberta

Doug Horner, front runner for PC Alberta leadership gives Ian Grant advice for youth in Alberta. Given Doug’s years of experience and previous positions in PC Alberta party every young Albertan can certainly learn from this interview.

Doug Horner interviews are done in our Small Business cafe here in My Pharmacy Barrhead, Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy. Our small business cafe is a setting of how main street businesses, professionals and yes, political figures would drop by for a coffee break. We would try and meet once a day at the same cafe to mastermind with each other. In our small independent business location here in Barrhead, Collin Grant and his son Ian, interviewed Doug Horner. In this series of interviews you get to live and learn the inside scoop of what Doug can bring in projecting a new voice for Alberta.

I hope you enjoy these interviews and welcome your comments.


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