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Here’s my version of a Rick Mercer Report.

Let’s call it a timely rant that affects each and every one of us today.

40% of every working citizens paycheck goes towards government taxes. Plus we also pay taxes to the Alberta Government when we buy gas for our cars, refreshments to watch the All Star Games on the weekend, license plates for our cars, utility bills, etc. You can add to the list. These taxes are used to keep among other things; our roads safe, our education systems what they are, ensure we develop a premium healthcare system that is envied around the world. We can go on and on.

As an Alberta citizen we should be exercising our rights every four years by electing a person, an MLA like Honorable Ken Kowalski or (some of us can remember) previous to Ken- the late Hugh Horner. No one can argue that we’ve had incredible representation by both MLA’s in our communities.

Yesterday I heard from, Tim Schultz, one of the Progressive Conservative Candidates for Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock – who nailed the entire objective of why we should care when he said to a group of us, “I get paid to work for you. If I get elected, I will be your voice.” The person we vote for this weekend, like Tim Schultz for example, would be our contracted person to represent every one of us in so many Alberta government issues.

This Saturday, January 28, 2012, we get to pick a new Progressive Conservative Candidate here in the Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock communities.

What worries me is the lack of concern, lack of understanding of how the entire process works and lack of wanting to understand (it’s not just our youth either).

The lack of voter turn out has been outright embarrassing. Do we not care about all that money that we have worked so hard to give to the government coffers? Do we not care to educate our youth about how the political game really works?

I have to tell you a story about how sad our lack of concern is getting. My son Ian lives in Camrose and attends University there. When he went to vote, as we all can for the leader of the PC Party, this last summer. It was late in the day just before the poles closed and the room gave him applause. He was the only person under 25 to vote that day. In a town full of University students who should be in the know of how they can exercise their right to pick the person who will represent them on a Global scale. This is so sad.

Now is the time to take note of what’s going on in the Progressive Conservative Candidate race here in the Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock communities.

Let’s make sure we get the right person working for us.

Here’s a good start:

1)   Click here to learn about the most experienced candidate for this weeks January 28, 2012 vote.

2)   Get a membership – We have some here at Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy. (Did you know: Anyone 16 years and older can hold a membership and vote?)

3)   Check this unique interview out: Watch video interview with the Deputy Premier of Alberta of how youth can get involved (this advice doesn’t just include the youth – it is good advice for all of us).

4)   In Barrhead this week you can meet with Tim Schultz on Thursday, January 26, Thursday, 9:30 AM at A&W and 3 PM at Peppers restaurant for a coffee get together. Tim Schultz will also be meeting at the Hillcrest Lodge on Friday January 27, at 10 AM for a get together.

We only have until January 28, 2012 to exercise our rights to get the right person working for us. So get informed and let’s get the right person working for us.

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