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Times are a changing… A Complimentary Gift for reading this message awaits you.

As Christmas fast approaches and we near the close of 2011 we’ve witnessed a lot of change over this past year.

As much as we all hate change there comes a time when we have to make BOLD CHANGES.

As a pharmacy business owner and fellow resident to Barrhead… we’ve witnessed some very scary, scary changes together. The old saying goes,  “Why disrupt the apple cart?” Even when things where going well… at the end of the day you have to answer to the person in the mirror.

Being an independent retailer has advantages. We get to call the shots and don’t have to take answers from someone higher up the food chain. In 2009 and 2010 we felt that control was starting to slip away and felt that you our loyal customer might start to look at us wondering if we had your best interests at heart. For 64 years the Fyfe’s family of customers continually tell us that we are one of the few people first stores left. Let me tell you, being bogged down in operations of the business doesn’t fit that bill. Change needed to evolve.

Here’s what transpired over this past year…

  • 1) Surveyed many of our customers and listened to what you had to say.
  • 2) The redevelopment of the Fyfe’s Thank You Club… changed to VIP Smart Shopper Club – to start giving back to customers on a more consistent basis and add excitement, fun and more rewards to lead the field in delivering more active family living for our clients.
  • 3) Changed banner to Apple Drugs – this will give us more control of our independent status. A better program for our clients and free up the owners time to work on VIP Club implementation, Pharmacy specific health initiatives, add more medical programs in the future.
  • 4) Shifting of advertising budgets so that more of this money goes back into our family of customers hands through the VIP Smart Shopper Club Program and placing more emphasis on patients living with healthier more active outcomes by supporting Pharmacist advanced trainings… a good example of this was the recent advantage many of you took by getting immunization injections in store by a dedicated pharmacist.
  • 5) Added supplementary ways to have a two-way-dialogue with customers. Started, this blog, YouTube Videos, VIP E-Gifts (Frequent Email gifts) and watch for VIP Surprise M-Gifts in December (get surprise savings and deals in the palm of your hand).
  • 6)Added additional savings programs for Family Enrichment book section, Home Office and Stationery and watch for more programs that you’ll surely appreciate in 2012 (I can’t reveal them right now because we are working hard to make sure we over deliver on our high standards of giving back to you our loyal customer).

The feedback on what we are hearing back about these changes has been very encouraging… we will definitely be expanding on this.

If you’re already a VIP Smart Shopper Club Member… please send me a small email to (Attn: Shopper Lady Correspondent in the subject line) and tell us what you like most and what we might want to improve on. I will try to address your concerns on a timely manner. Plus, as always, I will send you a special surprise gift for taking the time to write me a note.

On behalf of the entire Fyfe’s family we are excited to bring you more fun and excitement in the coming months.

If you’re not a VIP Club Member… I encourage you to sign up today. Information is in the video below…



About Fyfe's Friendly Pharmacy

Barrhead's #1 Pharmacy for over 63 years. Without a loyal customer following we have stayed true to the community as an independently owned small business providing a variety of divisions, Full Service Pharmacy, Canada Post Office, Home and Office Stationery, Book Store, Monashee Spring Water, Coffee Shop on Location, and Largest Gift supplier.
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