23 Out Of 100 Times (This Could Be Your Last Text)

With Valentines Day just around the corner. This message needs to be heard by all our loved one’s.


Thank you AT&T.

Please share this with your loved one’s. If you’re like me, you have noticed that the distracting driving law isn’t working. I still see young as well as us more progressive aged individuals being sucked into that “Last Text Message”.

What do you think? Should we share this message?

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Postage Increase, Great Big Savings Notice

Do you do a lot of mailing? Here’s a tip that could save you money on postage.

On January 14, 2013 the price to send a letter is going up 2 cents a stamp. Did you know that Canada Post has stamps that you can buy today at the current postage price and these same stamps automatically allow you to send letters in the future at the new price?

If you send a lot of letters it would be wise to stock up while quantities are still available in store. Don’t delay as prices on these same stamps go up 2 cents on January 14, 2013.

I hope this helps you and I welcome your comments. If you’d like to see more savings tips on this site, please write us a note below.

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Married 62 years, watch what they do

While waiting to have tests in clinic. Married couple have a little fun.

It’s not to late to be inspired.


Let me know how much you enjoyed this. I welcome your comments below.


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Pharmacy and Pharmacist FAQs

This is information collected from the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

Pharmacist and pharmacy FAQs

What is the Alberta College of Pharmacists?

We are the governing and regulatory body for the pharmacy profession, and take responsibility for safe, effective, responsible pharmacy practice. The Alberta College of Pharmacists:

  • develops and enforces pharmacy practice standards and guidelines;
  • ensures only qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are licensed, all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level possible, and all pharmacies provide a practice environment that supports quality practice and patient safety;
  • manages the complaints resolution process related to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies;
  • participates in local, provincial and national forums when health policy is debated; and
  • promotes patient-centered, collaborative health care that best uses the skills and knowledge of health care professionals.


What does pharmacist prescribing mean?

Pharmacist prescribing is most often be done in partnership with another health professional, after a diagnosis or decision for treatment has been made. Pharmacist prescribing does not replace the need for Albertans to see their doctor.

In most instances, a pharmacist exercises the authority to alter a dosage or formulation or regimen to ensure that the prescribed therapy best meets the needs of the patient. A simple example is when a pharmacist changes a prescription from pills to a liquid form of the same medication so it is easier for you to take.

Pharmacists may also provide a refill of a drug that you take regularly, as long as the pharmacist determines that it is in your best interest to continue therapy.

In both these cases, the pharmacist must have a good working relationship with you and enough information about your health conditions and treatment goals before adapting or refilling a prescription.


What issues affect how or if a pharmacist prescribes?

  • Pharmacist prescribing is dependent on good communication between the pharmacist, you, and the other health professionals on your health care team. Your health and safety always come first.
  • Only pharmacists on our clinical register are eligible to prescribe.
  • Each pharmacist limits their prescribing to their areas of professional competence.
  • To administer drugs by injection, pharmacists must be certified through programs approved by the college.
  • Pharmacists only prescribe if they have sufficient information to decide on safe and effective drug therapy.


How do Albertans benefit from pharmacist prescribing?

Albertans have better access to their drug therapy and will benefit from greater use of pharmacists’ knowledge and skills.


Pharmacists are often the most accessible health care professional and are the experts on medications. Pharmacist prescribing is done in cooperation with another health professional. Therefore, as pharmacists work with other health professionals, Albertans benefit from the combined expertise of a health care team. 


What can pharmacists prescribe?

Pharmacists have the authority to prescribe all drugs except narcotics and controlled substances.


Before a pharmacist will prescribe, they have to know you and your health condition and be competent to prescribe for your health condition.


Do pharmacists need additional training to prescribe?

Pharmacists do not need additional training to adapt or renew a prescription, or to prescribe in an emergency. Most pharmacists have five years of university education in drugs and drug therapy. Pharmacists are able to take responsibility for drug therapy decisions.


In order to initiate drug therapy or change drug therapy for ongoing management, a pharmacist requires additional prescribing authorization from the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

Absolutely. Pharmacists’ authorities to prescribe and administer drugs by injection are designed to complement, not replace, the requirement for Albertans to see their physician.


Why do pharmacists need my personal information?

  • Information about a patient’s health condition and the other drugs he or she is taking is vital in the drug-therapy decision-making process.
  • Pharmacists are required to maintain patient records to support drug therapy decisions. All of the information that is collected is maintained in a secure and confidential manner.
  • Personal information such as address, telephone number, and personal health number are all part of a patient’s record in the provincial electronic health record (EHR). When a pharmacist submits information about a prescription to the EHR, that information should match the data that is already in the system to ensure complete and accurate records.
  • Other health care professionals will use the information to make health care decisions.


Why does the pharmacist ask me questions about my medical conditions? Do they really need to know that?

Your pharmacist’s main responsibility is to find, fix and prevent drug-related problems. Many medications can be used for more than one medical condition. To ensure that your medications are appropriate for you and that you will get the most benefit from them, your pharmacist has to understand why you are taking the medications.


What safeguards are in place for pharmacist practice?

Pharmacists are health care professionals with more training about drugs and their effects on the body than any other health care provider. Each pharmacist must complete annual continuing education in drug therapy. In addition, every pharmacist is required to practise under the standards and legislation for their profession and to adhere to a professional code of ethics.


Can I ask my pharmacist about over-the-counter drugs, supplements and herbal remedies?

Yes. Please talk to your pharmacist. Too few patients take advantage of the pharmacist’s knowledge about non-prescription drugs and alternative therapies.


Why does it take so long to get my prescription filled?

Filling a prescription is more than just counting pills. When pharmacists fill prescriptions, they check the medication, dose and instructions to make sure they are right for you. They review your confidential care record to check for possible problems. Your pharmacist enters the details of your current prescription onto your record of care. Your pharmacist will also talk to you about:

  • why you have been prescribed this particular drug,
  • how and when to take your medication,
  • what potential side effects you may need to watch for, and
  • how to store your medication.


Is everyone who works behind the pharmacy counter a pharmacist?

No. In many pharmacies, pharmacy technicians assist with the day-to-day technical functions, so that pharmacists can focus their time on patient care responsibilities. Pharmacy technicians are often involved not only with counting pills and running the cash register but also with preparing drugs, entering drug orders, controlling pharmacy inventory, maintaining the function of complex equipment and obtaining insurance authorizations. You may also see cashiers, stock people, pharmacy students, and volunteers. All of these people must maintain the confidentiality of all patient information received in the pharmacy.


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Fyfe’s Surprise Days

Attention VIP Club Facebook Fan

Prove Me Wrong

What do you think about this idea? You like FUN surprises – I like making you happy with FUN surprises. Good deal? (Sounds a little one sided to me) but I’ll play along.

My son Ian, Teresa, and everyone else here have joined forces against me. AGAIN. They believe that you need to get more for participating on this page. I agree to that but so far but I’ve been balking a little because I definitely don’t want to turn this page into sales page. So we came to a compromise.

Here’s the Deal:
I agreed to run a test on a project called “Facebook Surprise Days”- I must warn you that Ian and Teresa are basically going to hold a gun to my head and make sure I deliver. Plus I’m not entirely sure that there will be enough participation to make this a continual thing.

So Prove Me Wrong

Here’s how it works for you:
1.    Over the next few weeks a random post will be made to announce a (One Day Only Surprise Day)! It’s very important that you keep checking this Facebook page because we will be holding more periodic surprise days for viewers only. I need feedback good and bad. Please or we scrap the idea. Okay?
2.    If you check the Facebook page and see one simply click to the blog post and see what you have won!
3.    Surprise can only be redeemed once and it must be redeemed on the day of the surprise

Most of all–Have Fun!

PS. Ian, Teresa honestly believe this “Facebook Surprise Day” thing will work – I’m still not convinced. So a little side bet is going on (that I can’t let you in on until later). You’ll like it if Teresa and Ian are right. If you and our other fans don’t play along I win the “Facebook Surprise Day” wager. Plus bragging rights .

I welcome your feedback – would you like to see more “Facebook Surprise Days” like the one outlined above or not?

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Rainy Day Spinach Dip

Its supposed to rain this weekend but don’t let that ruin your weekend. Here is a nice Rainy-day recipe for you to enjoy 🙂

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Reality Check

With all the gloomy news (especially how bad we have it???) that you and I hear when an election is going on. A little realty check is in order.

My good friend Patrick emailed this to me today. It really is fitting. Enjoy.

Mostly Sunny With A Chance of Showers

Imagine waking up in the morning and planning your day, you listen to the weather and the forecast is “Today will be mostly sunny with a chance of showers”, what would you do? Would you write the day off? Would you refuse to go outside for fear of being soaked? Would you tie down all the patio furniture?

Of course not! If you made any adjustment at all, maybe you would change your jacket or grab an umbrella. You, like everyone else, would feel pretty good at the prospect of sunshine. If you had a chance to eat al fresco at a cute little lunch place, you’d probably go for it especially if the sky looked clear. You would keep an eye on the sky and be ready to adapt if clouds came but you would enjoy the sunshine for as long as you could.

Every lifetime is sunny with a chance of showers. Oh, make no mistake about it, the rain will come on occasion and sometimes it will be a great big gully washer but the sunny days will always outnumber the rainy ones. The stormy days will be worth experiencing for one reason or another and of course the sunny days will be great to experience. The only days that you want to stay away from are the days that you don’t enjoy because you are waiting for a storm and it doesn’t show up. Those are the wasted days and you really don’t want too many of those. Better to be caught in the rain than to miss the sunshine.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
For more information about Patrick and his books click here.

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Dog Sledding Training Run in Barrhead

A family day… what a great day for dog sledding. Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy’s most popular post on this page. Enjoy.


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Will the groundhog cast a shadow? Is he a she?

Ground hog Day Doodle

Well is he a she?

Let me know.

This is the big day for our little friend.

In fact it’s a big day for all our VIP Smart Shopper Club friends too! Best friend pricing today. Check it out here.

We are cranking up our VIP Club offers. Check back frequently.

Thanks for being a friend. And…

Happy Ground Hog Day Doodle Text

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Mercer – Timely Report Barrhead

Here’s my version of a Rick Mercer Report.

Let’s call it a timely rant that affects each and every one of us today.

40% of every working citizens paycheck goes towards government taxes. Plus we also pay taxes to the Alberta Government when we buy gas for our cars, refreshments to watch the All Star Games on the weekend, license plates for our cars, utility bills, etc. You can add to the list. These taxes are used to keep among other things; our roads safe, our education systems what they are, ensure we develop a premium healthcare system that is envied around the world. We can go on and on.

As an Alberta citizen we should be exercising our rights every four years by electing a person, an MLA like Honorable Ken Kowalski or (some of us can remember) previous to Ken- the late Hugh Horner. No one can argue that we’ve had incredible representation by both MLA’s in our communities.

Yesterday I heard from, Tim Schultz, one of the Progressive Conservative Candidates for Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock – who nailed the entire objective of why we should care when he said to a group of us, “I get paid to work for you. If I get elected, I will be your voice.” The person we vote for this weekend, like Tim Schultz for example, would be our contracted person to represent every one of us in so many Alberta government issues.

This Saturday, January 28, 2012, we get to pick a new Progressive Conservative Candidate here in the Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock communities.

What worries me is the lack of concern, lack of understanding of how the entire process works and lack of wanting to understand (it’s not just our youth either).

The lack of voter turn out has been outright embarrassing. Do we not care about all that money that we have worked so hard to give to the government coffers? Do we not care to educate our youth about how the political game really works?

I have to tell you a story about how sad our lack of concern is getting. My son Ian lives in Camrose and attends University there. When he went to vote, as we all can for the leader of the PC Party, this last summer. It was late in the day just before the poles closed and the room gave him applause. He was the only person under 25 to vote that day. In a town full of University students who should be in the know of how they can exercise their right to pick the person who will represent them on a Global scale. This is so sad.

Now is the time to take note of what’s going on in the Progressive Conservative Candidate race here in the Barrhead, Morinville, Westlock communities.

Let’s make sure we get the right person working for us.

Here’s a good start:

1)   Click here to learn about the most experienced candidate for this weeks January 28, 2012 vote.

2)   Get a membership – We have some here at Fyfe’s Friendly Pharmacy. (Did you know: Anyone 16 years and older can hold a membership and vote?)

3)   Check this unique interview out: Watch video interview with the Deputy Premier of Alberta of how youth can get involved (this advice doesn’t just include the youth – it is good advice for all of us).

4)   In Barrhead this week you can meet with Tim Schultz on Thursday, January 26, Thursday, 9:30 AM at A&W and 3 PM at Peppers restaurant for a coffee get together. Tim Schultz will also be meeting at the Hillcrest Lodge on Friday January 27, at 10 AM for a get together.

We only have until January 28, 2012 to exercise our rights to get the right person working for us. So get informed and let’s get the right person working for us.

Please let me know if you found this helpful in the comments section or email me at talktous@MyPharmacyBarrhead.com

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